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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> now to an extreme price hike at the gas pump today. just as the national average for gas is dropping, a price jump of more than 20 cents at some local gas stations. why? we have an explanation in rockville as well as reaction. >> this exxon behind me just got a new shipment of fuel. you can see what that did to its prices and we expect to receive more prices around the metro area like this. the gas price roller coaster as some people reeling from filling out. >> $4.53 wow. >> as soon as the new delivery of arrives ahmad prices adjust accordingly, it jumping as much as 20 cents per gallon at some places.
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distributors to a number of local stations are putting out the word, they are raising their prices dramatically. the customers are wondering why. triple a tells us that distributors blame the price hike along -- on flooding along the mississippi and fears over refineries. but the distributors are raising prices on fuel that they purchased in advance of the flooding. >> but it does not make sense to the consumers. it is just more and more high gas prices and there is no call for it. >> not all gas stations use the same distributor, but if one company raises its prices, the others inevitably do the same. this has some people afraid the price at the trump will continue to climb. -- the price at the pump will continue to climb. >> we spoke with some managers who said they will not be
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raising prices until their next shipment arrives. those shipments still could be shoveled days off. it might -- several days off. it might be in your best interest to shop around. >> from memphis to mississippi floodwaters are overwhelming the south. the mississippi is flooding homes and communities but some say the worst is yet to come. we're live at our satellite center with the latest. >> these are the first pictures out of mississippi as the flowing river passes through the south like a freight train flooding all in its path. >> the mighty mississippi continues to run over its banks at near historic levels. fears have not flown downstream to vicksburg, mississippi. in hundreds of neighborhoods entire homes are now beneath the
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sinking the river. there's more danger. >> disaster on top of disaster. >> that is the main entrance in the lobby area. >> in tunica, mississippi nine casinos are dark. businesses could stay closed for one month. >> we are not fought -- not buying clothing or food. it is far more than just what we're experiencing year. >> the river has crested at 48 feet here in memphis. >> i have never ever seen it is high. >> the flood waters are just shy of the record in 1937. the flood waters, which extend to and half miles be on the river's banks are not expected to receive it for another two long weeks. look to louisiana and passed back and ruche where the mississippi is expected to swell to record levels. -- past baton rouge where the
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work mississippi is expected to swell to record bubbles. >> -- record levels. >> the river is not expected to crest in new orleans until saturday. >> all eyes are on the mississippi river. there is no sign of rain locally, at least for the next couple of days. the deal is in the weather center. >> high-pressure overhead is giving us another delightful day. absolutely clear skies, and temperatures in the 70's and a frontal system hangs out west. the storm system is going to be gathering to the west and it will take most of the week for that to happen. low to mid 70's across the
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entire region right now. sun said at 80 -- at nine minutes after eight. more sunshine had and then some rain. what about the weekend? we will study that one in detail coming up. >> as spectacular as this day has been weather-wise, it has been a heartbreaking day for a family in ashburn. a tragic accident takes the life of an 8-year-old boy. he was walking across the road with his mother when he was hit by a car. the mother survived but her son did not. >> we understand the mother is in serious condition atin fairfax tonight. this is a very busy roadway. the speed limit is 44 miles per hour. we understand from authorities that the mother and son were trying to run across as traffic was on its way and they did not
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make it. >> just be on the lights of this busy intersection in ashburn marks on the pavement where the 8-year-old boy lost his life. his mother was seriously hurt. neighbors say this type of tragedy is hard to describe. it is just terrible. -- >> it is just terrible. >> the mother and son were crossing from well road around 9:30 p.m. when they were struck by a car. the driver immediately stopped. he reportedly had the green light. neither alcohol nor speeding was a factor. >> 45 m.p.h. is pretty fast and then the fact that you do not have lights yes that is not a good recipe. >> counselors are there to help students and staff deal with the shocker. the 8-year-old was described by his teacher as bright, always smiling to an eager to learn.
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parents here say they will help the children understand a loss of their friend by talking about how to cross the street safely. >> this will definitely be another reminder of how to cross the road. we'll hold hands and watch out for cars. >> there is a community around this intersection. there are no street lights along the road. it is very dark at night and there are no sidewalks. now they say after this tragedy maybe something will be done to improve the area for pedestrians. >> firecats -- fire officials are investigating what sparked a fire early this morning. the fire started in the 700 block of mentor ave. it was so powerful firefighters were forced to battle the flames from outside the home. the residents did make it out safely but a dog was killed. flooding in a neighboring home
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caused significant damage. take a look at this video from his job for seven. they flew over the scene late this afternoon. the fire quickly engulfed one apartment on the third floor as well as part of a fourth floor attic. everyone inside the apartment building did make it? but one suffered -- one firefighter suffered a minor injury. albert haynesworth will spend the rest of this off- season defending his reputation. he is charged with an appropriately touching a waitress at a local club. we're now live with what happened in the case today. >> sweger expecting our brains were to be here today but they'd laugh -- late yesterday afternoon his attorney file paperwork saying he would not appear for this morning's arraignment. instead, his attorney entered a plea of not guilty saying what is alleged to have happened at the w hotel never actually happened.
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he is one of the tavis guys at the nfl and now he is at the center of a heated he said/she said accusation. albert haynesworth pled not guilty to a misdemeanor sex abuse charge. he is accused of groping a waitress at the w hotel in washington d.c. when he allegedly put his credit card in a woman's bra. outside d.c. superior court today, the redskins' defensive line attorney denied it ever happen. >> it did not happen. that answers every question you can have about groping, credit cards, breasts, you name it. >> witnesses say haynesworth is a big target because of his wealth and celebrity status. but the waitress contends the redskin insulted her. her hands were full and she had no way to defend herself.
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there are doubts today in washington as to whether haynesworth was telling the truth. >> i think definitely he did it. >> if he did it, is inappropriate. can i say he did it? no, is it consistent with what he has been doing? yes. >> haynesworth is free on his own recognizance. today maryland gov. martin o'malley signed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to pay in state college tuition. the first half to complete two years at a community college and provide proof of their parents in state income taxes. 55,000 signatures have to be collected by june 30 to force a public vote, otherwise it will take effect on june 1. coming up the government could soon be texting you in order to keep you safe.
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and violating one of the social networks most important policies. >> the first time i lost about 25 or 30 pounds. >> what is now being called the best diet by consumer reports. and hollywood and hollywood -- and politics united to make a power couple, but now maria
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>> after 25 years of marriage, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are calling it quits. >> we have details on this high- profile celebrities like. >> there may have been hints that the hands was -- that the end was near for this somewhat peculiar political pair. >> arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver shared their split through a statement. after a great deal of thought discussion and prayer we came to this decision together. at this time we are living apart while we were on the future of this relationship. that was last night, but careful observers have commented.
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>> their wedding anniversary was totally ignored. she was seen in public without her wedding ring. >> in late march, shriver posted this video on youtube asking for advice on moving on. theirs was an unusual love story between a republican movie star and the daughter of camelot. she was jfk's niece. >> being in the public and been candidates for two different parties, that would put pressure on anybody. >> they said, you know she is a snooty woman and they always look the other way. >> that ticks me off. i am my own women. i have not been "fred dickerbred" to look the other way >> their breakup
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comes several months after schwarzenegger ended two terms in office as governor. the actor has recently been lining up some work in hollywood. >> it turns out microsoft is buying the biggest international calling provider in the world. the company agreed to buy skype for $8.5 billion. it is the biggest purchase in microsoft history. it also gives microsoft access to the 178 million people log onto skype every month. it functions with its exports games consoles and windows smart phones. the face of facebook may be younger than you thought appeared a consumer reports survey found 7.5 million facebook users are actually younger than 13. 5 million are under the age of 10 and that violates facebook's own age policy which requires users to be at least 13. consumer reports say that most
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parents seem unconcerned with their children's accounts. >> a local chef receives one of the biggest flanary honors. -- biggest culinary honors. he owns a number of restaurants in the d.c. area and is opening one in las vegas this week. this award is considered the oscars of the culinary awards. he supports a lot of causes are around. >> yes he does. congratulations. >> two days in a row like this. probably through friday we will have a nice spring weather. through the weekend, maybe not so nice. do your outsource -- outdoor stuff in the next few days. >> you will see that this is a parade of high, thin clouds.
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balad of sunshine and -- a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures at this hour. 77 in remington va. after a high of 78. 76 in alexandria. well into that 70's across the region. fredericksburg is at 81, way above everybody else. that happens sometimes. but you average things out and we said in the mid to lower 70's. our average high is 74, so right on target. warmer temperatures are not that far away. and not that far away also is some rain. 90 degrees in chicago, so there is a pusher of warm air. we will turn modestly warmer. instead of 72 or 73, maybe 75 or 76. however, 96 in alma, -- in omaha, nebraska.
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a storm system is developing a long as there moldavite out to the west and will impact our weather late friday night, but more than likely the weekend is when things will change. that big ocean storm is still spinning and we are generally seen a northerly flow to the wind. that will start to change tonight with the winds from the east and southeast. this is tuesday. wease of wednesday thursday, and parts of friday. -- we still have wednesday thursday and parts of friday. this will move in from the west over the weekend and as a result, a chance of showers and storms over the weekend and early next week. it clear to run the vladdy overhead. in the low to mid 70's once more. thursday shows the same thing
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well into the 70's. a bit warmer saturday through tuesday but thunderstorms scattered around the area and each afternoon. >> coming up tonight on "dancing with the stars" and other celebrities. to have to say goodbye. -- another celebrity is going to have to say goodbye. even the top scorer getters are still worried. >> in this competition, the word security, a company -- the words security comfortable, none of those exist here. >> hopefully the people watch as it evolved throughout this whole season are cheering for us. >> that is tonight at 8:00 p.m., followed by a body of proof and then abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> "dancing with the stars" is winding down and so is the oprah winfrey show. 11 shows left until the big
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finale. this week is the oprah appliance giveaway. every day this week watch oprah for a key word and 30 minutes to enter online for a chance to win. today's winter -- today's winner is getting an $800 gift certificate. money from maryland, you are the winner. watch oprah to morrill for the next keyboard and your next chance to win -- watch oprah tomorrow for the next key word and your next chance to win. >> coming up, why does aldrin's family believes there is a cover-up. and a high school lacrosse players suspended for 10 days. some people say they're going to
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way to alert the public about federal emergencies. >> we have more on this new plan that is going to be started in d.c. and new york. >> imagine getting a text message from the president. that is essentially the idea behind this new text message alert system. officials in d.c. and that fema have come up with a way to alert everyone to an emergency using their cell phone. david cannot live without his phone. now it might just help keep him alive. cell phones are the key component for the alert system with the federal government. the plant being rolled out in new york and d.c. -- the plan, being rolled out in new york nbc this year will use a special chip that all newly manufactured phones will have at the beginning of next year. at no charge, people in the direct vicinity of an emergency
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will automatically get an alert with three warnings -- presidential alerts, such as terrorist attacks come at imminent threats such as weather related issues, and amber alerts. >> by the time we got out to use the cell phone, we could not get through. >> not an issue with these this -- this new system. these messages will override the system to make sure you get the alert. since it is not a service you choose to sign up for, john is worried about losing a little bit of his privacy. >> they will have to tap directly into your cellphone in a certain area. >> the text messages would not go directly to your in box instead showing up right on the home screen out yourself on with
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a unique vibration. -- on the home screen of your cell phone with a unique vibration. >> in local pastor is practicing what he preaches. even if it is sparking a national controversy. >> what are the most successful bites out there? consumer reports has a list. -- the most successful diets out there? consumer reports has
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but this is abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., on your side. >> zero tolerance policy in maryland schools has who landed two lacrosse players with serious suspensions. the >> it is because of what was found in their lacrosse bags. but the students say this punishment is over the top back. brian, what happened? >> belec cross fires are constantly fiddling with their sticks to make sure that the -- the lacrosse players are constantly fiddling with their sticks to make sure that the strings are ok. these students are no different but the problem is that these two boys back some tools on the bus and the administrators found
5:31 pm
them and say they qualified as dangerous weapons. >> there were handcuffed and charged with possession of a deadly weapon -- he was handcuffed and charged with possession of a deadly weapon. he was also suspended for two days. another boy got a one day suspension. the explosive device was a lighter and the deadly weapon was a pocket knife. both are tools they used to maintain their lacrosse sticks. >> i cut them and burn them there. if i do not they phrase like this. >> school officials heard the explanation, but says the zero tolerance does not allow the exceptions. the boys and their parents say that is absurd. >> i think common sense should have come into play. >> it makes me feel longer ball like i could go out and this could happen to me any time for things -- it should not be like
5:32 pm
this. >> i cannot understand it. >> gramm finished his suspension last week. both boys are back practicing with the team. the coach now carries a toolbox for stick maintenance. but the boys say they worry about the next year and who gets caught up in a zero tolerance issue and to worry about lasting damage done to their own futures. >> i'm not sure if i'm going to have to report this on my record. >> the superintendent of that schools declined an on-camera interview today. but essentially they said they will not back down and that these do qualify as forbidden items, potentially dangerous weapons and that there are no exceptions and no excuses. these suspensions will stay on their record. the parents are still trying to figure out if they want to pursue some kind of appeal.
5:33 pm
>> that has got to thisto be frustrating. a spike in prices at the pump panera area -- in our area. stations have blamed distributors and some distributors have said flooding along the mississippi river is the problem. >> of record flooding across the southeast pity hundreds are back -- are evacuated in mississippi kentucky, -- hundreds are evacuate across this is to become a kentucky, tennessee and elsewhere. >> a 5-year-old girl died this afternoon in prince george's county. and suv struck the child on martin luther king jr. ave. investigators say the girl was holding her father's hand and broke free just before she was
5:34 pm
hit. >> sparking national controversy tonight at a local church. the pastor invited his church to pray. it said some parishioners away, but gained support from others. >> we're all children of the same mother and father. >> last september eight house of god turned into a temple of power. the united methodist church opened its doors to a community of muslims, renovating their mosque in -- and giving them a place to pray. it set off a local fire storm. >> i am convinced beyond doubt that jesus would note of what it means to love another human being. >> he can only come down one chimney and he needs to know
5:35 pm
whether they have been good or whether they have been muslim. >> the tensions caused some to leave the church, but those that stayed speak of spiritual growth. >> maya understanding of the old testament has deepened. >> they say also it has given them cultural awareness and introduce them to some spices of life that they would never have known. >> wonderful foods pretty spicy for my palate. >> altogether, they call the situation humbling. >> i realized how much we do not know about each other. >> rewarding and exhilarating. >> they have come up to me and said they used to be afraid of questions, but they are not anymore. >> they say their friendships will last. and while the pastor admits his regrets -- >> i admit some of -- i regret some of the french of i have lost, but i would do it again. -- i regret some of the french ships frenchfriendships i have
5:36 pm
lost -- friendships i have lost but i would do it again. >> slow george sadr georgia ave. northbound 270, here we are, a bit slow northbound. montgomery avenue eases up in an abrupt ending germantown, still slow through clarksburg, but looking good in hyattstown. back to you in the studio? coming -- back to you in the studio. the crux looking to shed -- >> looking to shed a few gallons? a new diet. >>coming up at 6:00 p.m., now hiring, how general motors has
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>> a new consumer reports list
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of the most successful died on the markets these days. >> everybody -- most successful diet on the market these days. >> everybody has tried something. consumer reports joins us with the budget -- the diet that scored the basket and put everybody knows what does not work, with watchers, jenny craig, and more. jenny craig won the honors of the diet that works the best. >> dena has tried them on and she credits jenny craig with helping her shed 40 pounds, and keep them off. tasters in the research had described the frozen portion controlled meals at not that villages. >> i was surprised to hear that one came out on top. >> jenny craig is at the top of the list for consumer reports health magazine, scoring 85 out of 100 points. weight watchers, known for its.
5:41 pm
system, only 57. the atkins diet to cut the back of the pack. the creek -- the key criteria, died nutritional value, how much weight loss the person experience the cost and complexity of the diet. staying power was the biggest challenge. >> if i have the opportunity to eat good food, i'm definitely going to do it. >> it is very difficult. >> if it has good motivation, i stick with it. >> according to the report, slim-fast users had a high dropout rate. and there's a health concern that regulating insulin for on the zone and cornish diets. >> there must be some kind of support system if it is going to be effective in the long term.
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>> if you want to lose the weight and keep it off, you have got to call jenny. coming up next year, an investigation into what really happened 50 years ago at fort dietrich. hear from a family with some very strong apparent -- strong opinions. >> people are
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>> controversy over whether agent orange was tested here years ago. >> tonight when families as it was and they believe that testing is what caused so many members of their family to die. richard has the latest on the investigation. >> this is near fort dietrich. >> even now after 50 years steve colesville remembers the helicopter that flew overhead when he was 10 years old riding his bike outside fort dietrich. the >> i do not know what it was, like dust or something was
5:46 pm
all over my shirt. it was like, ok, what is this? >> it happened to him five other times he says. he says he suspects it is agent orange been spayed. >> now i have not hodgkin's lymphoma and that is generally caused by agent orange. >> his older brother has by word cancer. his youngest brother died of lung and the public -- his older brother has thyroid cancer. he jammed his brother died of lung and liver cancer last summer. his mother lost six siblings to cancer. she is convinced that agent orange testing are behind cancer decimating two generations of her family. >> we are guinea pigs. we did not know what we were getting into. >> there is definitely a cancer
5:47 pm
clusters year. >> a nonprofit representing cancer victims organized a meeting. at least 66 people have signed claimed for -- claims forms seeking millions in damage. >> we do not want people to suffer and be sick. >> the army says it has no record of helicopter spraying of agent orange. military documents show a truck with a spray stout and inclosed tents used for testing. still, at agent orange waste and radioactive materials buried deep underground may have contaminated water breeze. >> not only do you have water that can be contaminated, by you have the paper that could be coming up -- but you have the vapor that could be coming up contaminating people. >> an epidemiologist says
5:48 pm
proving that ford has caused a specific persons cancer could be difficult. -- that the fort has caused a specific person pose a cancer could be difficult. >> do we know that they cause cancer? no. >> at least admit to what they did and try to fix the problem. >> steve kolk's doctor says his cancer could be fatal and he has no idea how long he has. the army admits it has tested about 30 counts of agent orange at fort dietrich. they insist anyone filing a claim has to prove army negligence. if denied their claim, they have the right to file a lawsuit. several people are preparing to do just that. >> it seems more people are turning to medication and alternative treatments to solve medical problems these days. 3% of adults seek alternative
5:49 pm
therapies that the recommendation of a health-care provider. more than that do it on their own. some see it as a last resort when conventional treatment fails. famous actor and advocate helped lift the digital switch on the new national juice box today. that harry connick jr. of there joining leaders from the music industry at the library of congress to officially unveil a new online music data base. the website features 10,000 -- tens of thousands of historic recordings. you heard him singing "i'm just wild about harry" from the 1920's. >> he is singing a song that he is wild about himself? >> why not? there is nothing wrong with that. [laughter]
5:50 pm
let's see what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> gordon peterson is live with a look ahead. what could osama bin laden's wives tell us about what he has been up to all of these years? we have an update in the investigation. also, a live report from the flood zone in memphis. >> we will see you in a bit. we do not have any weather concerns for today for sure. >> let's try it on now. what is the latest? >> at least two days more before things change for the weekend. seven degrees at silver springs. 76 in -- 70 degrees in silver springs. 76 in the buie area. the 74 in herndon. sunshine and bessie breezes with sky high pollen counts
5:51 pm
again. i thought i had understood that the trees had peaked, but the numbers are not showing that. it is still in the high range. grass is moderate. we are about the time when they should switch where grasses go high and the trees are moderate. 72 degrees at quantico at the moment. the with the atmosphere is set up right now the warm air will have a hard time getting in here. a slight moderation of temperatures into the weekend and early next week. just a few high clouds with high-pressure keeping us high and dry for a few more days until we had the weekend. a few clouds and patchy fog over night. maybe an isolated thunderstorm west of the shenandoah valley over the weekend. that is the latest.
5:52 pm
>> u.s. in the uniforms. >> i have. > you have seen the uniforms -- you have seen uniforms. >> i have. i like them. >> today, new uniforms and a lot of hope for the future. >> the chairman of the monumental sports. >> cala extreme team makeover with the star of the show. >> i used to think that changing the colors would not improve anything. >> red white, and blue harkens back to the bullets of yesteryear. >> after a dozen years in blue, bronze and black the capitals went back to their traditional red, white and blue in 2007. they have been one of the nhl's
5:53 pm
westbest teams ever since. >> that new look and feel became a powerful part of the narrative. >> speaking of the capitals ted leonsis did not want to speak about bruce pedro and his future aboutas the head coach of the caps. >> we have finished the second- best record in the nhl. we're one of the 18 who moved into the second round. i have made my career and life working around analytics and being thoughtful. now's the time to be thoughtful. >> mark turgeon has finalized business at college station and a news conference will be held tomorrow in college park to introduce him. sturgeon is also working on his
5:54 pm
staff. he will likely bring his right- hand man and will likely keep a couple of assistance.
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>> sunday teacher school students are taking action to keep their school open. >> we are live -- >> some d c charter school students are taking action to keep their school open. >> they are putting up a fight. they said that charter board made a decision based on the first three years that the charter's goal was open, rather than on this past year that new leadership to open. -- the charter school was opened, rather than on this past year that new leadership took over. >> in april the d.c. charter public-school board decided to
5:58 pm
close it on inadequate leadership, though test scores and misuse of funds. they said the board said it they did not have faith in the school's leadership. >>the dean of students says it now is a different story. he is one of three education leaders brought in last year's -- last year to replace the old leadership. since then, they have shot up 70% for proficiency in math and 60% reading. >> now i'm at a bit -- and eighth grade level in math. >> her son is a third grader here and she said she found a home for him after transferring from the public school system. >> they will take away a portion of my child's spirit. >> she said it is too late to enroll her son in another
5:59 pm
charter school next year. >> correne the mi5 hatchett hikind -- currently, i cannot afford tuition. i will have two rooms cool him. -- to home school him. >> that wraps things up at 5:00 p.m. coming up next at 6:00 p.m., mighty mississippi is making history. the water is dropping for one major city, but a major danger for others still. plus, what do they know? the u.s. looks to asks some -- to ask some tough questions to osama bin laden's wives. and some are facing an uncertain future. the find out why at 6:00 p.m. >> thrivent in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> our big story at 6:00 p.m., a frightening waiting game for thousands living along the mississippi. >>


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